My Books

All six books are available to purchase online from Amazon Books, in paperback, audio, and e-versions. Whatever you choose, I hope your reading brings you pleasure.

All author royalties from the sale of my books are shared equally between St Ann’s Hospice, Stockport and East Cheshire Hospice, Macclesfield.


The First Cut describes Paul Lambert’s misadventures as he is thrown bewildered and unprepared onto a busy surgical ward as a newly qualified doctor.

Behind The Screens tells the story of Paul’s chequered love life and unveils some of the high jinks that doctors get up to when off duty.

The third novel entitled First Do No Harm is set in 1974 and the Health Service is in crisis. The nurses are furious that their pay claim has been refused, the consultants are fighting to preserve their right to do private practice and the junior doctors are demanding a reduction in their hours. Paul Lambert and his young wife Nurse Kate, are desperate to avoid being drawn into industrial action – but are destined to become involved against their wishes.

Invisible Scars  As Paul and Kate work alongside each other as doctor and nurse, strains in their relationship emerge. And when Kate’s baby dies and Paul’s inexperience costs lives, doubt and despair hang in the air and their marriage appears to be doomed. However in a dramatic turn of events, Paul saves the life of a critically ill patient and Kate is finally able to bid an emotional farewell to the child she has lost. Will their marriage survive the stresses of their hospital work and past traumas?

All in a Doctor's Day, is a ‘coffee table’ collection of 45 short stories all with a medical theme. The stories lift the lid on the good, the bad and the ugly that Peter experienced working for 40 years at the sharp end of medical practice in the NHS. Some of these stories will make you laugh, a few will make you cry and others have a surprising twist in the tail. They feature patients, doctors and nurses, blood, sweat and toil, life and death, heartache and joy.

The latest novel is Laughter is the Best Medicine – Confessions of a Young Surgeon. It is said that a surgeon must have ‘the eyes of a hawk, the heart of a lion, and the hands of a lady,’ but have you ever wondered how a surgeon learns to operate, how he ‘cuts his teeth’ progressing from naive newly-qualified doctor to competent surgeon?

In this novel, the training of one slightly naive young trainee is viewed through the experiences of the patients he treats as he embarks of this most challenging of careers. We share his joy when things go well, his anguish when they don’t and learn that, at the end of the day, compassion and a sense of humour make wonderful medicine.