Post 56 Doctor blamed for patient's death

Scene:A ‘Learn English’ class in London.

Teacher:‘Where would you go to post a letter?’

Carlos:‘I go to post box in High Street.’

Teacher:‘That’s right; you would go to thepost box in the High Street. And where would you go to borrow a book?’

Carlos: ‘I go to library or see my friend who has book shop.’

Teacher:‘Well done, but we say thelibrary and abookshop. And where would you go to see a film?

Carlos;‘I go to the cinema.’

Teacher;‘Well done,  remember we always put ‘a’ or ‘the’ before a noun. Its a basic rule in English. Sowhat would you do if you felt ill?’

Carlos:‘I go to the bed.’

Teacher:‘I’m afraid we say ‘going to bed’. It’s an exception to the rule. Just as we would say ‘going to sleep’ or ‘going to eat’. Anyway, before you went to bed, what would you do?’

Carlos‘I take the clothes off !’

Teacher:‘No, since the clothes are your property you would say my clothes. So you would take your clothes off. But before you went to bed, you would go to visit the doctor, wouldn’t you?’

Post 50 University Professor Gives Hospital Consultant Lesson In Good Manners

The next patient’s problem was apparent to anyone with a sensitive nose, long before the team arrived at his bedside. The smell was that of a putrid decomposing, animal carcase. Powerful and offensive, the odour drifted freely down the ward, undiminished by the deoderant that had been placed on the bedside locker. It was the smell of a badly infected in-growing toenail. When Mr Rathbone, the Consultant Surgeon and his team reached the patient, the screens were pulled round the bed. 'Sister, please remove that foul dressing and let us see the nature of this disagreeable problem,' the consultant said, wrinkling his nose in disgust. Sean, the Registrar, had never seen anything quite like it. As the bandage was removed, the smell became  overpowering. The toenail was lost in a sea of pus and the whole foot was swollen and covered in livid red streaks. The pain caused must have been intense.
‘Possem secare eius pedes oderem removere,’commented Mr Rathbone grinning at the medical studen…

Post 49 Medical Emergency at the Music Festival

The weather forecast was for fine, sunny weather so I set off for a walk that included a small hill.It was on the way down that I came a cropper.    Perhaps I simply wasn’t looking where I was going, but one minute I was strolling along without a care in the world, the next I was flying, head-over-heels, onto the stony path.   I escaped with a bruise on my forehead, wounded pride, and broken glasses; they had snapped across the bridge.   I dusted myself off, then patched up my glasses with some adhesive plaster from my first aid kit and resolved to be more careful in the future.  
The next day I joined the small team of doctors, nurses and paramedics that act as the emergency team for a well known music festival.   I form part of a small team of doctors, nurses and paramedics from both the county ambulance service and the St John's Ambulance Brigade.

 Our brief is to provide immediate resuscitation and triage should an emergency arise in the crowd.   We are supported by a ‘snatch s…