Post 62 Ageing with Dignity

  As a young man, I often heard old folks remark, usually with a sad smile and a knowing shake of the head, ‘ Growing old is no fun, you know’.    At the time, I didn’t take much notice but I’m now beginning to understand what they meant.            I’m discovering that Old Father Time creeps up on you insidiously. I was in my forties when I started to use reading glasses but found them to be a nuisance.      When I was working in the surgery they were on, then off, then on again, as I alternated between reading the notes and focussing on my patient.       Finding the situation unsatisfactory, I invested in some bifocals, but these proved to be a waste of money.    It didn’t matter whether I used the upper or the lower lens, the computer screen remained out of focus.   In desperation, I bought some varifocal glasses which were more expensive still.   They took a   bit of getting used to, but proved to be a good investment and I now wear them all the time. In my fifties, I beca

Post 61 Waiting. The Patient's Wife

Alice Fielding, her face lined and anxious, rang her daughter, Mary.    Thanks to an earlier call, Mary already knew that her dad had collapse and been rushed to the hospital.    She had collected her little girl from the nursery and had been having their dinner when the call came through.   She promised to come as soon as she was able to arrange childcare and summon a taxi.   As suggested by the theatre orderly, Mrs Fielding then went to the canteen, ordered a drink and a biscuit and then, fearing the worst, settled down to wait in a quiet corner.    One hour passed, then a second.     Her daughter arrived, and still she waited, desperate for news.    Was the fact that the operation was taking so long a good sign or a bad one ?     Or had her husband already died, and they were afraid to come and tell her? Every time someone entered the canteen, or the telephone rang, her heart jumped, thinking there might be a message for her.   Another thirty minutes passed, and still no one had

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