Post 79 Frustrated love

 Archie was in love and took his beautiful young blond girl friend home to meet his parents.    He

introduced her to his mother who chatted with her in a decidedly cool and formal manner.

After she had left, she took her son on one side.

‘Listen, son,’ she said, ‘please don’t you ever bring a blond into this house. They’re flighty; you can be sure they’ll two time you.    You’d be far better off single than marrying a blond.’

It took Archie a couple of months to get over his disappointment, but it wasn’t

too long before he was introducing his latest love, a girl whose hair was the colour of autumn leaves, to his mother.

Sadly, his mother was equally dismissive.    ‘Archie, my boy, you can’t trust redheads,’ she explained.   ‘They’re all spendthrifts; they’ll spend every penny you have behind your back.’

After this second set back, it took Archie a long time before he felt able to take another girl home, but in due courses, he fell for a brunette who he

hoped would meet with his mother’s approval – but she didn’t!

 ‘Brunettes are dark and dishonest,’ she said.   ‘No good will come of marrying a brunette.’

Finally Archie found a girl who was the splitting image of his mum. He brought her home confident that she would be accepted.   The couple were met at the front door by his dad

‘Oh my God,’ he exclaimed, ‘you most certainly mustn’t marry her!’

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