Post 59 'Hanky Panky' in the Nurse's Residency

 Scene;  the Nurses Home, Manchester Royal Infirmary, 1970

In those days, men were strictly forbidden to enter any bedroom in the Nurses Home and, unless you had a late pass, nurses had to return to the Nurses Home before 10 pm.

One morning, a cleaner entered a nurse’s room and, shock horror, found a man fast asleep in the nurse’s bed; the said nurse was already on duty and not present at the time. 

 The cleaner went to the Home Sister and reported this terrible misdeed and wanted to know what should be done about the sleeping man.

 The Home Sister did not know what to do, so she reported to the Senior Nursing Officer and asked her what should be done.

The Senior Nursing Officer also had no idea and sought the advice of the Principal Nursing Officer who, in turn, decided to seek the advice of the Chief Nursing Officer, one formidable woman called Constance Biddulph.

Miss Biddulph’s response was .. .. “Do, do?   Why charge him for a night’s board and lodging of course!’

Classic. Constance was later awarded the CBE after a very long and distinguished career in nursing.

This story was submitted by  Roger Stokoe Administrator MRI  1970 - 1972’