Post 57 The Hypochondriac.

Brian was one of the world’s worst hypochondriacs.   One day, whilst shopping in the supermarket, he spotted his doctor in an adjacent aisle.     He dashed over to share his concerns about his latest medical complaint.

‘Doctor, Doctor,’ Brian exclaimed.     ‘I’m so relieved to have bumped into you.   I need your advice.   I know I ought to make an appointment to see you at the Medical Centre, but this really is most urgent.     You remember those voices that I kept hearing in my head?   Well, I haven’t heard them for over a week!’

‘Wow, that’s wonderful news Brian!    I’m so happy for you!’ his doctor replied.

‘Wonderful?   It’s not wonderful at all.   It’s terrible,’ Brian moaned.   ‘In addition to all my other problems, now I’m going deaf!’